Ultimate tours to take your escorts on

If you are looking for ultimate tours to take your escorts on, then we have some great ideas to enable you have an unforgettable date. Choose the right girl to take with you, by looking through our escort gallery

The wonderful thing about tours is, you can book your trip in one go and it is certain that you will not be bored. For clients and escorts who want to live life to the maximum, be adventurous and love exploring new places, then a tour is the perfect holiday for you!

Value for money package holidays are available, or maybe you would prefer a road trip with your escort to really see the scenery up close.

An ultimate tour is particularly more special with an escort because you can tailor and structure the trip to suit around sexual time together. You can book or leave out any trips to spend intimate time together. You can pick and choose all the activities and attractions that you and your escorts will enjoy.

Take a walk on the wild side with a safari tour in Kenya! With guided tours and excursions to see giraffes, lions, elephants and zebras in their natural habitat, any rampant escort will be in your sexual debt for taking her in such an amazing tour! Afterwards, she can give you a guided tour of her beautiful naked body!

Japan is an energetic country full of stunning scenery, technology and proud, noble traditions. Take your high-class escort into central Japan and see the new and old culture and Japanese people. Japan’s technology is far more advanced, so you can experience robot waiter service, toilets that clean your privates and amazing sex doll hotels.

An amazing, winter tour can take you to the North pole for skiing, husky sledging, northern lights, ski mobiles. As well as traditional Sami traditions of smoked sausages around the camp fire, warm berry juice and there is plenty of winter fun in the snow. What escort wouldn’t want to go and see the big man himself with the white stuff?!

You can show off to an escort how versatile and adventurous you are with a European tour. The possibilities of things to do and see are endless. Europe has fabulous warm, Sandy beaches, tourist attractions and history, world class shopping and all the night life you can handle. With so many attractions to visit and places to eat, a European tour with escorts can be a thrilling experience. The thought of having a jam-packed European tour with a courtesan, makes you wonder how you will fit everything in?!

Saving the best til last, a trip around the United Kingdom is the ultimate tour to take an escort on. England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales have so much to offer tourists, that it is a leading destination for tours with escorts. With the everyday tourist attractions, music festivals, shopping and fabulous food. Not to mention the adult night life, wonderful historic cities, and let’s not forget the Queen of England, the versatility of the UK has to be the best tour with an escort ever.

But ultimately, you can choose anywhere in the world to tour with an escort. If you want to see what tours are in your future, don’t forget to check out your sexual horoscope