Importance of long term clients
Encourage long term clients

Any successful client will tell you, that the key to her success is having repeat customers. The escort who has lots of new clients continuously. Is not 100% successful. Escorts with experience know that being booked for a one-off is unavoidable. There will always be the occasional client who, for reasons of his own, wants an escort for that one time only to give it whirl. Sometimes, women book female escorts to try being with a woman. From time to time, these woman might become regulars, but the appointment bookings are far between. There are any reasons why escorts prefer regular clients to one off appointments. To start with, when an escort knows she is with a client who will be returning, she can more or less have a better idea as to what her income will be. Also, having a regular clientele is better than random clientele. As the escort and the client can build up a bond. Which enables the escort to better know her clients needs and wants. Therefore, the escort can be better prepared to provide what her client needs ahead of time. The successful escorts know that the reason why they are approached is because their client is lacking in something in their lives. They look for an escort in the hope that she will give them what they so desperately need. A lot of these needs can be fulfilled temporally when with an escort. However, they will only get this level of satisfaction when with the escort. Therefore, it is important for the escort to make sure that she performs to her very best abilities and also capabilities to ensure that her client wants to go back for more.

In a perfect world, the type of client that an escort would love to have, is the higher class gentleman. Business men and professionals alike. Tend to treat escorts with a lot of respect. They appreciate the amount of effort that a professional escort puts in to look so good all of the time. Also, these are the types of clients who can afford the services of an escort. By giving a service that is professional, you can more or less guarantee that you will booked again by these outstanding members of society for future events.

So, the escort who encourages repeat clients, is the one who emits finesses, sophistication, class and of course, skill. If an escorts behaves with an overall higher class, that goes a long way towards encouraging her client to want to book her again. It is kind of obvious, if an escort acts like she should be standing on a street corner. Then she will not attract the interests of the higher class gentleman. If you want to capture the attention of your client and keep him interested over a long period of time. It is important to not ‘wing it’. You must prepare and plan your time together in advance. Paying attention to the little things is ultra important. Things like perfume are important to take into consideration. The majority of the men who book escorts from agencies. Are already in relationships. They might have a partner, or already be married. Although they might not have thought about it. Smells from perfumes transfer easily onto skin and fabric. So, it might be a good idea to avoid perfumes if you are only meeting them for a short period of time before they go home. For the escorts who are booked to accompany a client on a journey, they should keep in mind that travelling can be a sweaty experience. The escort must always arrive fresh and clean as if they have just stepped out of the shower. For this reason, the successful escorts who encourage their clients to become long term ones. Tend to think about their personal hygiene and take along the suitable products on the journey.

Another tip for escorts who are planning to increase their permanent clientele is to be informed. An educated and cultured woman is the type of escort that businessmen and professionals look for. They want more than just their body to be stimulated. They also crave mental stimulation too. Make sure you brush up on your current affairs and when you talk about any topic, never be closed minded about the topic. A person who can understand and accept another persons point of view is actually very attractive to intelligent (and high earning) people.

ultimate tours to take escorts on
Ultimate tours to take your escorts on

If you are looking for ultimate tours to take your escorts on, then we have some great ideas to enable you have an unforgettable date. Choose the right girl to take with you, by looking through our escort gallery

The wonderful thing about tours is, you can book your trip in one go and it is certain that you will not be bored. For clients and escorts who want to live life to the maximum, be adventurous and love exploring new places, then a tour is the perfect holiday for you!

Value for money package holidays are available, or maybe you would prefer a road trip with your escort to really see the scenery up close.

An ultimate tour is particularly more special with an escort because you can tailor and structure the trip to suit around sexual time together. You can book or leave out any trips to spend intimate time together. You can pick and choose all the activities and attractions that you and your escorts will enjoy.

Take a walk on the wild side with a safari tour in Kenya! With guided tours and excursions to see giraffes, lions, elephants and zebras in their natural habitat, any rampant escort will be in your sexual debt for taking her in such an amazing tour! Afterwards, she can give you a guided tour of her beautiful naked body!

Japan is an energetic country full of stunning scenery, technology and proud, noble traditions. Take your high-class escort into central Japan and see the new and old culture and Japanese people. Japan’s technology is far more advanced, so you can experience robot waiter service, toilets that clean your privates and amazing sex doll hotels.

An amazing, winter tour can take you to the North pole for skiing, husky sledging, northern lights, ski mobiles. As well as traditional Sami traditions of smoked sausages around the camp fire, warm berry juice and there is plenty of winter fun in the snow. What escort wouldn’t want to go and see the big man himself with the white stuff?!

You can show off to an escort how versatile and adventurous you are with a European tour. The possibilities of things to do and see are endless. Europe has fabulous warm, Sandy beaches, tourist attractions and history, world class shopping and all the night life you can handle. With so many attractions to visit and places to eat, a European tour with escorts can be a thrilling experience. The thought of having a jam-packed European tour with a courtesan, makes you wonder how you will fit everything in?!

Saving the best til last, a trip around the United Kingdom is the ultimate tour to take an escort on. England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales have so much to offer tourists, that it is a leading destination for tours with escorts. With the everyday tourist attractions, music festivals, shopping and fabulous food. Not to mention the adult night life, wonderful historic cities, and let’s not forget the Queen of England, the versatility of the UK has to be the best tour with an escort ever.

But ultimately, you can choose anywhere in the world to tour with an escort. If you want to see what tours are in your future, don’t forget to check out your sexual horoscope

Things to do with your escort in winter
Things to do with your escort in Winter

Winter, some people hate it, others love it and look forwards to it every year. Why do some people like winter so much? It’s because of the things you can do, and in this article, we will discuss what you can do around the world during the winter months with the escorts of your choice! A hugely popular destination for winter fun is Finland, an exciting country where everything from Riding a reindeer, to seeing the Northern lights, to ice fishing what isn’t there in Finland that one can do with an escort? The food in Finland is also super tasty, their main dish being reindeer! Having so much snow around means it’s possible to go snowboarding, sledging or even play ice hockey! The options in this great country are absolutely endless! Also, typically the houses or cabins there are fitted out with saunas, so if you feel like getting a little steamy with your escort, where better place to do so? Finland is also the perfect place to use a snow mobile, fancy going on a ride looking at the beautiful Finnish trees and snow all whilst enjoying the gorgeous sun set. Going to Finland with your escort will be a holiday you will not ever forget and that’s why it’s such a great tourist destination, especially during winter.

Another popular and recommended place to visit winter is off course the French Alpes, the main attractions are off course skiing, snowboarding and sledging but that is not the only thing you are able to do there! You can also go Cross country skiing, for a husky ride, ice climbing, paragliding and a whole host of other once in a lifetime activities just waiting for you! Also, if you can’t decide where you want to stay whilst you are in the French Alpes, you can always stay in an igloo! Yes, that is really possible. Whilst being up there you have off course got to eat something, so it’s important to note that the typical food there is things like cheese, soup and bacon and sausage. The sort of food to warm your stomach up in the cold weather. This is the perfect place to get to know your escort better and enjoy the calm, relaxing views as you get to talk, kiss and off course make love to one another under the gorgeous sun sets! The French Alpes is yet another exotic and classy place for two classy people to spend some time together over winter.

No need to travel abroad

Of course you do not have to travel abroad just to enjoy winter. The odds are, if you are reading this you are probably living in some part of the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom is not a country that just stops over winter and it also has a huge amount of things to do! For example, every year in Birmingham they have the German Christmas market! A huge market filling almost the whole city of well… everything German! Walking through the streets is like being in Frankfurt! German beer, music and more importantly food is so good it’s worth dying for! Okay that may be slightly dramatic but the food and things you can get there are absolutely sensational. Then off course you have one of the world’s best (if not best) city London. Take Hyde park for example, the capitals biggest festive festival. You can skate, browse Christmas markets see a circus performance and drink wine, all at the same time. It can get busy however, but when it is so popular what else do you expect? A bit like Birmingham, London also has a Christmas market (although not German). These markets are both covered up, so when it gets really cold in London you can still go out and enjoy your evening in the company of your escort! If that doesn’t interest you, you could always go and visit one of London’s famous parks and see how beautiful they look when the trees are covered in snow. You might not be able to have a picnic, but a hot chocolate and a bite to eat means you and your escort will have one hell of a time!

Where will you be visiting this winter?

Travelling with an escort
Travelling with an escort for the first time

If you are travelling with an escort for the first time here are some things to expect. Number one being a lot of chatting. Whether you are traveling to another part of your country or travelling abroad, odds are the escort is just as excited as you are and will not be able to keep quiet. For some escorts, it may even be their first time travelling to that part of the country/world and as such they cannot wait to get there with you. Their excitement levels go through the roof! The second thing to expect is a lot of action and not just in a sexual way. If you bring your escort with you somewhere you are allowing her to have fun with you, so expect a few stops here and there to take a few photos and take in all that the place you visit has to offer.

Being with an escort on the road is almost as fun as having sex with one! Escorts can make a long trip feel like 15 minutes! Chatting for hours about a huge amount of topics all whilst laughing, cracking jokes and enjoying the scenery can be the highlight of travelling. Also, if it gets late and you feel you need to have a break for a little bit, you can always pull off to a quiet spot and let the escort show you what she’s made off if you get what I’m saying. If you decide to carry on driving, an escort will give you a great reason to stay awake due to her signing, excitement and overall joy she can bring to you. If you travel to another country and fly, an escort will give you a great motive to stay awake. The mile-high club! Wait for everyone to fall asleep, go to the toilet and have the ride of your life. Talk about a safe landing! As soon as you reach your destination your escort will help you carry your stuff and patiently wait for you to sort everything out. Once everything is sorted out the fun can begin! Have a shower together, touch each other’s body and let the hot water drip down your backs whilst you play some relaxing music in the background. After that, put on some clothes and head out to explore.

Her eagerness to please is outstanding.

The main thing to expect from an escort is her eagerness to see and try new things both in and outside of the bedroom. Not only will your escort want to go for walks, but she will want to find a quiet spot for you to bend her over and pleasure yourself. She will also want to make sure you are enjoying your time there and will go out of her way to do so. The little things count, so if you are eating and enjoying your meal she will be the one to get up and order you a drink in order to ensure you are completely comfortable and happy. These are some of the things you can expect from an escort when travelling for the first time.

sexual horoscopes
Sexual horoscopes

Our sexual horoscope and what the signs suggest if you book an escort today!

AQUARIUS (Jan 20th – Feb 18th)

It is written in the stars that a client who is feeling lonely will find true love in the arms of an escort. A dinner date must be booked with an escort from a 24 hour escort agency. She will be brought back to your hotel room where sparks will fly. When she leaves, you will not be able to forget her. You are under the spell of love and you must book her again. Luck sees a red love heart

PISCES (Feb 18th – Mar 20th)

It is foretold that an ebony escort with a small tattoo will become a new escort today. She must be seeked out and booked to fulfill all your desires. The stars say she will satisfy you like no other female and she will become your regular escort. Luck sees 12 red roses and a bottle of perfume.

ARIES (March 20th – April 20th)

Your escort who will bring peace and happiness into your life, will start with the letter N. Your fortune says she will be your giver of mental and physical strength. Luck sees a roleplay outfit in a shop

TAURUS (April 20th – May 21st)

Music and dance will be your lucky guide to fulfilling your desires tonight. Choose an escort that is a professional dancer. Luck sees a black dress. There will certainly be lots of things to do!

GEMINI (May 21st – June 21st)

As the moon and stars collide, it is recommended you do not visit your usual independent escort this evening. Venus is calling you to an escort agency and a hotel room with two escorts. There might also be a little bit of traveling too. Luck sees 2 red bras.

CANCER (June 21st – July 23rd)

As the sun is at its highest, you must fulfill your destiny by booking a more mature escort. She will have the sexual answers that you need to guide you through a difficult time in your day. Luck sees a familaiar face in a photo.

LEO (July 23rd – Aug 23rd)

As Jupiter descends towards earth, an adventerous escort is calling you. She will be advertised on an escort directory wearing white lingerie. Luck sees an eyemask

VIRGO (August 23rd – Sept 23rd)

The stars are shining for you this evening as a party escort accompanies you to an event. Popularity awaits you as girls and men stare in wonder at your new arm candy. Luck sees a black car.

LIBRA (Sept 23rd – Oct 23rd)

As the scales tip in your favour, you will be sexually satisfied with an escort who arrives in a long fur coat and no knickers. Luck sees a new website

SCORPIO (Oct 23rd – Nov 22nd)

The moon is holding you back tonight and you must release yourself from its grasp. Ensure you take a taxi and do not drive yourself. Luck sees a taxi

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22nd – Dec 22nd)

Pluto clashes with Uranus and you must deal with an awkward situation from an ex who you see advertising herself as an escort. It is written in the stars that she will become a regular escort for you and with a no strings attached escort relationship, your friendship will be restored. Luck see an old message

CAPRICORN (Dec 22nd – Jan 20th)

The gravitational pull from the universe is making you feel depressed and lonely today. Seek out a young escort who is advertised as new to the escort industry. She will be your shining star and pull you out from your dark hole. Luck sees diamond earrings.