How to Build a Walk-In Closet for Your Babies

When creating your walk-in closet, there are a few things to take into account. First and foremost, decide the space available for the closet. You can either create an alcove in the room or build along one or two walls; however, make sure none of those walls are load-bearing ones as this can prove hazardous and costly if damage occurs.

When designing your closet layout, you should consider what types of clothing and shoes need to be stored there as well as the amount of storage you require for accessories. This will determine how many rods, shelves and drawers you need in total.

It’s wise to designate open shelving in your child’s room for quick-access items like diapers, wipes and lotions. In the future you can add shelving and baskets for toys and books as well.

If you have multiple children, designing a closet that grows with each of them is the best solution. By starting with tiered rods, adjustable shelves, cabinets and drawers in various heights and widths, you will be able to accommodate each child’s changing needs without having to completely renovate the space every few years.

Once the overall layout of your closet is determined, it’s time to select colors and materials for the space. Opt for light and bright shades as these will give the area a fresh appearance and feel.

For instance, you might select white paint for the walls and a pale blue or green for your closet. Combining these two complementary colors makes it simpler to locate items and remain organized throughout the day.

You can create distinct sections in the closet to store clothing for different stages of your child’s development. This makes it easier to quickly pull out baby clothes that are too small at present and store outgrown items neatly in a closet.

A professional closet designer can measure your walk-in closet and determine how many rods, shelves and drawers you’ll need for all of your child’s clothing and accessories. They may also suggest the optimal configuration for the space.

A closet organization system can make it simple for your children to organize and store their own clothes as they grow older. By giving them a permanent home for all of their clothes and toys, there’s less chance they’ll throw anything away or throw it out accidentally.

Custom walk-in closets are an investment your kids will use for years to come, so it’s essential to take time to design an organization system that meets both their current needs and those of years to come.